Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia

Solutions for Effective Postsurgical Rehabilitation

Get back to your life with our hands-on care.

If you need surgery or have already had an operation, postsurgical rehabilitation can make the recovery process easier. Postsurgical rehab helps you regain function, reduces pain and gets you back to your life in a safe, timely manner.

At Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia, we are ready to help you through all phases of your recovery. We can see you as soon as your surgeon or primary-care physician wants you to begin your rehabilitation. Our physical therapists have years of experience working with people recovering from all kinds of surgeries, including:

  • Shoulder joint replacement and rotator cuff repair
  • Knee replacement and other knee surgeries, such as ACL repair
  • Hip replacement
  • Ankle or foot surgery
  • Fractures

Hands-on care that gets results.

Your licensed physical therapist will primarily use hands-on techniques to increase mobility and help to gradually rebuild your strength and function. Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia also utilizes ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation therapy to complement our hand-on focus. Additionally, you will receive a detailed, customized home exercise program that will further your rehabilitation between appointments.

In addition to their skill and experience, our therapists are known for their caring, understanding and patience – qualities you’ll appreciate when you’ve been through surgery and may not be feeling your best.

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"I particularly liked the courtesy and professionalism of the ladies at the reception desk.  Keep on doing what you're doing."

-- Bob U.