Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia

Meet Your Physical Therapist

Farahnaz Javar, MPT

MS: Physical Therapy, Tehran University, Iran

BS: Physical Therapy, Ahwaz University, Iran

Continuing Education (selected): Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine; Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Upper and Lower Extremities; Strain/Counterstrain Techniques; Myofascial Release Techniques; Lymphatic Drainage; Muscle Energy Techniques for the Spine and Extremities

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Relieving your pain and restoring your function with a gentle touch.

Ive had a lifelong interest in the human body and how it works, so physical therapy has been the perfect career for me. I enjoy getting to know my patients on a personal level. As your therapist, I want to hear from you about your symptoms, your history, your lifestyle and the goals you have for your therapy. This is important for us to develop a good relationship, and it also helps me give you the most effective treatment. I will educate you about the nature of your problem and together we will develop a treatment plan that
works for you.

I dont believe in the old saying, No pain, no gain. Most of the time, relatively pain-free techniques can be used. If youve had surgery or you have a serious injury, you will probably
begin the therapy process with some pain, but I am here to help relieve it and get you back where you need to be, in the safest, most gentle way possible.

-- Farahnaz Javar, MPT