Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia
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Physical Therapy Experts, Northern Virginia

Your Doctor may recommend physical therapy when you are in pain, recovering from surgery, or trying to avoid surgery.  At Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Northern Virginia, our physical therapists provide experienced, one-on-one care to achieve the desired results.

Our goal is to relieve your pain, to improve your function, and to make a lasting difference in your health and quality of life, while making you feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way.

Service and Convenience:


"Every employee of the facility (from the Owner, right down to the Front Office Staff) has been especially supportive and helpful. When patients begin therapy at OPT of NoVA, they become part of the "facility family."  Each physical therapist is extremely professional and they really know their specialty.  All of the therapy treatments done at OPT of NoVA are "hands on" -- which in many cases has succeeded when other techniques have failed."

-- Joanne. I.